Your Feedback Needed GTA Online

This is vital for the ongoing success of the game. The first few months of Grand Theft Auto Online are critical as everyone enters this dynamic new world for the first time. More than ever, we need your help to report your experiences, findings, likes, loves, dislikes and hates – and are looking at your feedback constantly to tune the game into its optimal shape and help guide how Grand Theft Auto Online will grow and evolve past this initial period. We are checking out how people are playing and what they are not playing or not enjoying, while also monitoring feedback via two other new Rockstar channels:

[email protected]
We encourage you to please share your gameplay experience feedback with us at the email address above so that we may know what aspects you’re liking and disliking to help guide how the game will grow and evolve.

GTA Online Forums at Social Club (Coming this Fall)
Stay tuned this fall for the launch of Social Club Forums where players can chat with one another about their online experiences as well as access a GTA Online Suggestion board to post about any suggested features, tweaks and changes you want to see.

Rockstar Games Support
As always, if you’re experiencing any kind of technical difficulty with GTA Online or any other Rockstar Games, you can contact our dedicated Support Team who are ready to help. You can contact Rockstar Games Support at: or